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2018-11-06 19:39 - 20:39


“There is nothing that sends terror into every molecule of your being than to be told “you have cancer”. As a medical practitioner with over 20 years of experience I have seen my fair share of illness, injury and despair. Did everything right, had the tools to live a long happy, healthy and vital life. Not only did I blend the benefits of the ancient wisdom with that of technology (east meets west) but I taught and mentored others in kind. But none of this prepared me for that fateful day when I heard those words it is a blood cancer. I’m here to provide you with some comfort and direction should you or a loved one must deal with cancer or another life changing/ threatening illness.

Chemo Saved My Life – Yoga Saves My Living Healing the Mind & Body Through Injury and/or Chronic Disease

I hope to share with you, about living and thriving while in the battle, caregivers and those seeking knowledge, the roller coaster ride from health returning back to health, the dips, the turns and screams, the terror and depression, and the tools that helped serve me every day. Don’t wait till the bomb goes off, we need to have the tools, keep them polished and know how to use them precisely, because the time to learn how to use them is not in a time of desperation. Written in Two Parts complimenting one another. To be read alone or together. For all who love, who breathe and feel; those who are well, are ill, have lost or loved; everyone is touched by illness or injury sometime; or maybe you are just on the roller coaster ride of life. There are no instructions, flow charts or manuals for life, so I chose to research, journal and document this ride, and now I am sharing it with you. Part One: My Journey of Healing Through Cancer to Living Life to The Fullest Chronicles the journey from health to illness, to treatment, to remission. You will share in my fears, the tears, the smiles, the pitfalls and the growth; there is information, introspection and inspiration. Part Two: My Tools of Health Through Cancer to Living Life to the Fullest Shares information and tools I found helpful to regain my life. An easy to follow guide on nutrition, meditation, breath work, yoga postures and movement.” ~ FAITH BEVAN MS, PA-C, PYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP, C-IAYT, Author

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