Meet Local Author and Humorist, DC STANFA, Sat 4/27 1pm

2019-04-27 13:00 - 16:00
Address: 6412 Ridge Rd, Port Richey, FL 34668

Meet Local Author and Humorist, DC STANFA,

Saturday April 27th, 2019 at 1pm


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The Art of Table Dancing” ~ DC STANFA

What if a girl furrows some Catholic brows in her attempt to become the first girl to serve Mass in archaic 1972? What if she also works at a county fair for an ex-con named Turtle and takes her parents’ car around the block, hitting three parked cars and a truck, all before her fourteenth birthday? What if that girl grows up so addicted to both fun and its by-product, trouble, that she becomes an expert at both?

About The Book

DC Stanfa’s ultimate goal in life is to outlive her acne, survive the dateless experience of high school, and get the hell out of Toledo. She has succeeded at all three. Follow this humorous journey of a rebellious Catholic schoolgirl in the 1970s, and her escape from the repressed notions of the Church and other adolescent constraints-such as living in the body of Peter Pan and in the shadow of a popular sister.

While looking for fun and love, she also finds trouble in Dallas in the 1980s, gets her fifteen minutes of fame by posing as VP of Talent for GQ magazine on a beach trip, and ends up on a notorious talk show.

To DC, falling down means always looking up and laughing in the face of whatever threw you to the ground-often looking in the mirror-and to get back up on that table and dance! She learns that life’s little betrayals are necessary to really growing up-as is going home again. And in the end, humor, hope, and a sense of belonging prevail.

The Art Of Table Dancing was recognized as one of the top ten memoirs at the New York Book Festival in June 2007.

DC has made various television appearances and was featured in an interview for In The Tank, a documentary program on PBS. She has appeared in several publications, including The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio Magazine, and several times in award-winning humor writer Susan Reinhardt’s nationally syndicated column.

DC has also been interviewed on various radio programs, including being a regularly featured guest on Q102’s radio show Amy’s Table: A Girl’s Guide to Living, where she has spoken about a wide range of book topics.

Taking her book tour all over the Buckeye State and Kentucky in the summer of 2006, DC hit the road with her beach party book signings later that year—which took her from the Caribbean, to the Atlantic Coast, and finally back to a popular Ohio Island where she culminated the party at Put-In- Bay in July 2007.

DC has mentored to women and girls in business and the arts. She was past president of Women In Packaging Ohio chapter. DC also developed and facilitated a creative self-expression workshop in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club.

After trademarking the phrase Will Dance For Margaritas and developing beach-themed gift items, DC followed her heart and moved to the beach with her heartthrob, Tom.

(Click on the book cover to go to Amazon to purchase online)


When people unite, misadventures ignite. Relationships can be chaotic, and sex is never as smoothly choreographed as it is in The Young and the Restless. Authors/Editors Susan Reinhardt, award-winning columnist for Asheville Citizen-Times and author of four books, including “Not Tonight Honey, Wait ‘Til I’m A Size Six”, and DC Stanfa, author of “The Art Of Table Dancing: Escapades Of An Irreverent Woman”, compile a refreshing regalement of stories, ranging from strange to hysterical, in this PG-13 (ish) rated anthology. This collaboration includes several well-known humorists, and some new, unique voices. Among the heavy-hitters are Bruce Cameron from “The 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” fame, and Hollis Gillespie, Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch and “Confessions Of A Recovering Slut”, best-selling humorist and a Writers Digest Break-Out Author of the Year. Both of these esteemed authors have contributed stories about relationships that went from sweet to sour. A new, unusual suspect contributing to the project is Nikki Knepper, “Queen of Cussin”, the founder of Moms Who Drink and Swear. Fifty Shades of Funny is an eclectic collection of true stories that fit like your perfect little black dress. But with a twist: This time it’s a little black rubber dress. (Those librarians can be wild.) The stories range from ironic and sardonic to some slapstick situations that are laugh-out-loud funny. This is a collection of often embarrassing-but-true stories by people who happen to be really great storytellers: from tales about exploding hair caked in Final Net and flaming Lee Press-On nails, to one contributor’s story about her on-going tumultuous relationship with pool boys. Fifty Shades of Funny offers up unconventional and often prickly pairings, like one writer’s harrowing relationship with her mother’s horrendous hairdo, and a consuming obsession-confession from a man who explores life, death and his love and desire for a popular snack-cake, Little Debbies–a tart in more ways than one. There is also a comical confession from a cougar-in-training, and one man’s transgression with a “woman in a box” that he bought at a store. This book isn’t just soup for your soul. It’s filling enough to bust a gut. It’s sweet, salty, and spicy followed with some just desserts and un-just desertions. (You didn’t really think The Hot Drummer was going to marry her, did you?)

About me, DC STANFA

After a couple of decades selling empty boxes for a living, DC Stanfa embarked on a second treekilling profession (and finally put that journalism degree to some use) as a writer. Drawing humor from her own experiences—surviving high school, the Catholic church, datelessness, and the Jerry Springer Show—she crafted a how-not-to memoir for the benefit of other women. In The Art Of Table Dancing: Escapades Of An Irreverent Woman, she acknowledges “all the men who didn’t call,” because if they had, she wouldn’t have had time to write the book.

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, DC insists she grew up after college in Dallas during the 1980s, an experience she refers to fondly as “the destructive and reconstructive years.” Her maverick spirit is revealed early on in the book, when she, “as a mere seventh-grader,” goes toe-to-toe with the church and continues through a chronicle of crazy-but-true stories revealing how imagination and perseverance may carry one through. From Toledo to sex in the Big City, DC manages both an epic escape and a remarkable transformation. Armed with sarcasm and a pen, she proves truth is funnier than fiction.

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