Do you have questions about the FL MMJ (Medical Marijuana) program, THC, CBD, Your Body’s Endocannabinoid System? Looking for information on the state MMJ program? Looking for a certified referral program? Looking at local cannabis dispensaries? Want to read about the science and laws? WHAT STRAIN IS WHAT? Worried about state gun laws and the MMJ program? Want to talk to a person actually working in the FL cannabis MMJ industry from VidaCann? How may upcoming changes in laws and amendments affect our lives and freedoms? What are some of the lesser known laws that you must adhere to even if you have a FL MMJ card? Let’s talk, ask questions, share ideas and experiences, get great information and celebrate 4/20 together!!!
We will provide information gathered from local MMJ doctors and dispensaries to help you navigate your own personal MMJ decisions. You will see examples of what the FL MMJ computer site looks like and will be shown the basics of how to navigate it on your own at home. INFORMATIONAL MEETING ONLY. NO DOCTOR OR CANNABIS PRODUCTS WILL BE AVAILABLE or PRESENT. No medical advice or sign-up service will be given. #SleepLessReadMore