1. We are very excited to invite you to yet another wonderful local author meet & greet for Christian based, and life coach author, Marissa Patrick, M.Ed.

Please join us Saturday, May 26th, 1pm-3pm to meet and hear her story and about her writing!




In Marissa’s own words…
“My mission is to provide encouragement for those struggling with various aspects of life.
I found speaking & writing was my gift after living through the physical, emotional, and mental pain of years of infertility, isolation, confusion & disease. I didn’t have social media, online forums or chat rooms that understood me when I was diagnosed — I was left feeling hopeless, empty, and isolated.

After a while you wander so far away from your spirit, you start to miss yourself – almost as if you break out into twins.
When I finally started listening to the responses to my prayers; I knew I had to go back the way I came because I had fallen so far off track, my core felt out of position and I was no longer the person I was created to be.

It has taken time, but the Lord has revealed to me that infertility is not my identity, it does not define me and it is not a death sentence. My identity is found in Christ and just because I can’t conceive a child, does not mean I am any less of a female.

I am a mother. I don’t need swollen ankles and morning sickness to confirm that. I have an amazing step daughter that supports me and loves me, I have 6 fur babies (yes 6) and I am their momma. I am a spiritual mother to those who need that extra hug or words of praise to get through their day.

My hope is for individuals to move out of that uncomfortable, embarrassment and isolation that such life situations as infertility and PCOS hold and help them move towards a growth in spirit, faith, and the individual – unique gifts God created each of us with.” ~ Marissa Wanucha Patrick

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